Privacy Protection

Customer Privacy Protection Measures

  1. This statement is processed in accordance with the Financial Holding Company Act, the Guidelines for Cross Marketing among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Company, and other relevant laws and regulations. It has been announced on the website of Cathay Financial Holding company(hereinafter the “Cathay FHC”) and its subsidiaries (hereinafter the “Cathay Group”). The subsidiaries that exchange customer data referred in this statement are shown in the attached list. The Cathay Group will make announcements on the websites of Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries if there are any additions or deletions to the subsidiary list due to organizational changes.
  2. Cathay Group collects, processes, and uses information in compliance with the Financial Holding Company Act, Guidelines for Cross Marketing among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Company, Personal Data Protection Act, and other relevant laws and regulations. We hereby declare that the subsidiaries exchange customer data shall follow strict privacy protection measures and regulations when they collect, process, and use such information, and are committed to exchanging and using such data in accordance with the contents of the disclaimer below.
  3. Contents of Disclaimer
    1. Methods of Data Collection
      The Cathay Group collects customer data in accordance with relevant regulations, with customers’ consent or the provisions of agreements signed by the customers during marketing events or transactions with us. Those data may include public information and information lawfully disclosed by government agencies or a third party.
    2. Methods of Data Storage and Custody
      Customer data obtained by the Cathay Group is rigorously stored in Cathay Group or in the data storage host of the third party commissioned by the Cathay Group to manage the information system, and the authority is controlled according to business rights and responsibilities. The customer data shall be shared in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and management systems of Cathay Group. Unauthorized persons shall not and cannot obtain the customer data.
    3. Data Security and Protection Methods
      All subsidiaries of the Cathay Group use SSL encryption algorithms or other safe and secure means to protect the security of your personal data. In addition to installation of security software on the hardware for data transmission, the Cathay Group use a secure protection mechanism to save passwords and install a firewall to prevent third-party intrusions or illegal internal use.
    4. Information classification, scope of use, and items
      Customer data refers to the basic information, transaction records, and other related information of our subsidiaries’ customers. However, the Cathay Group may add or delete the classifications and contents of the aforementioned information based on the business nature of each subsidiary.
      • Basic Information
        Includes the name, date of birth, national ID number, phone number, address, e-mail, and capacity to make juridical acts etc.
      • Transactions and other related information include the following categories of information
        1. Account information: Includes the account number or similar function numbers , credit card (debit card) numbers, deposit account numbers, transaction account numbers, deposit, loan and transaction details, and financial position information.
        2. Credit information: Includes returned check records, annulment records, blacklisting records, and performance of a business.
        3. Investment information: Includes the assets invested in or sold, and the amount and timing of thereof.
        4. Insurance information: Includes the type of policies purchased, the tenor, the sum insured, payment method, and other related information.
    5. Purpose of Customer Data Usage
      Based on the marketing business (including joint marketing) or entrusting a third party to handle business affairs, or as permitted by laws and regulations, the Cathay Group may use or disclose customer data to provide customers with diversified wealth management products or services.
    6. Recipients of Data Disclosure
      Customer data will only exchange between or disclose to the subsidiaries of the Cathay Group in accordance with the Financial Holding Company Act, Guidelines for Cross Marketing among Subsidiaries of Financial Holding Company, Personal Data Protection Act, and other relevant regulations. It will not be disclosed to or used by any other third parties except for those commissioned to provide related business.
    7. Methods of Changing or Revising Customer Data
      If there were any change to customer data, customers may notify the subsidiary of the Cathay Group to change or correct the information.
    8. Choice of Opt-out Method
      Customers may notify the subsidiary of the Cathay Group to stop exchanging customer data between our subsidiaries. Each subsidiary will stop exchanging customer’s information within 3 business days after receiving the aforementioned notice. If customer wish to stop receiving financial and business promotion messages, they may notify the customer service centers of the Cathay Group, and the Cathay Group will stop sending advertisement messages to the customer upon receiving such notice.
  4. Confidentiality agreement on business data and customer data between Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries
  5. The companies that exchange customer data
    • Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd.
    • Cathay Century Insurance Co., Ltd.
    • Cathay Securities Corporation Co., Ltd.
    • Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
    • Cathay Financial Holdings Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries