High-quality healthy lifestyle
Cathay FHC aims to help our customers showcase their own attitudes and tastes as well as realize ideal high-quality healthy lifestyles through scenario-based financial services, sports, and art.

Real life scenario-based financial experience

Based on the core concept of Cathay as a Service (CaaS), internally we integrated our resources and digital platforms while externally we actively expand our collaborations with different industries to launch innovative products and services, so as to satisfy the financial requirements of our customers in a wide range of real life scenarios.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle for all and expanding the
influence of sports

Cathay has been introducing international sports resources and developing local sports culture for many years. We promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise for all to help people realize that exercising is easier than they think. Cathay pays attention to both broad promotion and in-depth information to make sure the seed of a healthy lifestyle and exercise will grow in everyone’s life.

Art is life:
revitalizing the energy of life with art

Cathay FHC believes that art exists in everyday life, and this is the reason we are supporting art and cultural activities. Cathay FHC is constantly expanding its brand and services into various aspects of life, and bringing art and cultural activities to every corner in Taiwan, so that everyone can access art and jointly create a high-quality healthy life for a better future.