Technology Vision, Global Scale
Cathay FHC offers customers friendly, convenient, and efficient financial services, providing them with a seamless experience through our digital platforms and services, which are built upon innovation in digital, data, and technology. We have established a strong presence in Taiwan while maintaining a global perspective. We actively engage in strategic planning for the Southeast Asian and overseas markets, ensuring we stay aligned with international standards.

Interdisciplinary integration of group financial services to
create a one-stop customer experience

We continue to launch new digital products and services across all channels with strengthened information security in order to provide better customer experiences in interdisciplinary and one-stop financial services.

Business value is created by a data-driven culture

We have established data-driven decision-making to provide a strong basis for business development, risk management, sales marketing, and business performance related decisions.

Domestic and foreign partners are further brought together with data to create innovative business models and products through data empowerment.

Focusing on technological innovation to set up a model for technology and environmental development

Cathay FHC values technology development and innovation, including the capability to develop technology internally and introduce the latest global technological mechanisms from external sources.

Cathay FHC continues to manage its data infrastructure and governance to establish a comprehensive data architecture and develop agile innovation, AI applications, and leading technology, as well as set up a model for technology and environmental development from the perspective of corporate strategic thinking.

Building Cathay’s digital talent pool and data driven culture

Cathay FHC established the Digital, Data & Technology (DDT) Center as the core hub of our group transformation and has recruited a large group of digital technology talent in collaboration with the digital, data, and technology departments of our subsidiaries. This has allowed Cathay to bring in the thinking and culture of digital transformation and create a data driven culture of a matrix organization with flexible and agile team collaboration.
∞Lab 無限大實驗室
∞ Infinity Lab
We focus on the technical applications of fintech, particularly in the fields of programming languages, cloud technology, AI, big data, data science, etc. Furthermore, we also share latest insights of fintech and conduct technical exchange activities periodically. All who are interested in financial technology are welcome to join us, learn, and grow beyond expectations.
國泰金融創新 關鍵勢Podcast
Cathay Innovation
The first podcast channel in the financial industry that focuses on financial innovation, shares the developments and applications of financial innovation, and introduces the viewpoints of Cathay FHC on innovation and progress through themed discussions.
國泰 資訊發展中心
Cathay Development
Cathay FHC established a Cathay Development Center (CDC) in Taichung, which is the first in the industry, as the headquarters for exporting Cathay’s technology to other countries to support the digitalization, design, and innovation business development in various Southeast Asian regions. This represents the creation of the first new financial technology landmark in the central Taiwan region. The second CDC will be established soon in Yawan District, Kaohsiung City. CDCs may be set up in more locations in the future.