Corporate Governance

Actively implementing corporate governance to create an economic, social, and environmental triple surplus

The foundation of sustainable corporate operation is a sound governance mechanism. Cathay FHC has always been actively implementing corporate governance, and established the Corporate Governance Task Force in 2010 to carry out corporate governance affairs. In addition, we raised the work of corporate governance to the Board of Directors level in 2015, and continue to improve various measures such as our corporate efficiency and strengthen sustainable governance, so as to create an economic, social, and environmental triple surplus.

Cathay Group takes corporate governance as the core and makes good use of our core competencies in our business operations. We value shareholder relationships and protect the rights and interests of stakeholders, and we are dedicated to providing transparent and effective communication channels to pursue sustainable business operations, thereby generating positive and good value for society and the environment.

Board of Directors
The professionalism, independence, and diversity of board members, as well as the performance evaluation and third-party certification of the Board of Directors and functional committees.
Functional Committees
Members, duties, and operations of the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, and Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee, and Risk Management Committee.
Internal Auditing
Constructing an effective internal control system and internal audit system to achieve comprehensive corporate governance and further promote the healthy operation of our company.
Risk Management
The increasingly complex global financial environment brings more diverse risks. In response, Cathay FHC continues to improve the group’s risk management and has established an independent risk management institution and set up comprehensive mechanisms. In addition, we have also formulated risk management policies to serve as guidelines for risk management.
Cathay FHC pursues sustainable corporate operations and expects to provide transparent and effective communication channels for all related stakeholders.
Rules and Policies
Articles of Association, regulations related to the Board of Directors and functional committees, and other regulations.