Four Focus Areas for Sustainability and Response to SDGs

The UN proposed 17 SDGs in 2015 in hopes of resolving crises worldwide through solutions proposed by governments, enterprises, and organizations. Cathay FHC seeks a balance between economic development, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability from the perspective of its subsidiaries’ financial competencies.


Cathay ESG Four Focus Areas

Cathay FHC established the four focus areas for sustainability through the following procedures, and focus on 10 SDGs to achieve sustainability.

1. Identified issues to establish the ESG four focus areas

We established Cathay's ESG four focus areas in 2016, which are Renewable Energy and Infrastructure, Aging Society and Health, Women Empowerment, and Community and Financial Inclusion.

Cathay's ESG focus areas for sustainability were established through over 20 strategy advancement meetings between over 15 departments across subsidiaries based on international trends, Taiwan's current status, and Cathay’s competencies.

2. SDGs Evaluated core businesses corresponding to the 10 SDGs

We assessed the risks and opportunities derived from our core business and operations to the SDGs, and focused on 10 SDGs under the four focus areas.

3. Set goals and took action

We set short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for each sustainability issue, and periodically examine the results of implementing ESG in daily operations, in order to increase our positive impact.

We began discussing adjustments to focus areas at the end of 2019 to become more aligned with international trends and utilize our core abilities. We expect to complete adjustments in 2020.

Cathay's Contribution to the SDGs


Sustainability Awards and Recognition

Cathay FHC has been recognized for its efforts in sustainability, and the real and priceless feedback we have received continues to drive us towards excellence. The following are honors received by Cathay for efforts in sustainability in 2019:



Sustainability Highlights and Breakthroughs

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