Cathay FHC values every opinion of our customers. We have a variety of customer complaint channels and a dedicated unit that handles customer complaints. Meanwhile, we establish regulations by the highest principle of "actively making response and spontaneously showing concern” that requires our staff to immediately contact customers and propose solutions. Cathay FHC's subsidiaries Cathay Life and CUB both won first place in the inaugural Financial Industry Treating Customers Fairly Evaluation in 2019.Cathay FHC's subsidiaries all completed the 3 hours of treating customers fairly education and training required by law.

Cathay Life was the first in the industry to establish the Treating Customers Fairly Committee in 2018 to establish a corporate culture based on the principles of treating customers fairly. The president is the chairperson of the committee and sets out from customers’ perspectives. The nine principles of treating customers fairly were divided into “System Development before Sales,” “Sales Management During Sales” and “Quality Control After Sales,” in order to implement the principles of treating customers fairly in daily operations and services. Independent directors are invited to participate in semi-annual meetings of the Treating Customers Fairly Committee, fully showing that the principles are taken seriously from top to bottom, while facilitating cross-departmental collaboration and discussion of solutions. As such, we have successfully made the principles of treating customers fairly a part of Cathay's service DNA. Thanks to operations of the Treating Customers Fairly Committee, Cathay Life won first place in the Treating Customers Fairly Evaluation in 2019, and also had the lowest customer complaint rate among the major peer companies in 2019.

CUB views the principles of treating customers fairly as important principles for business development. Besides periodically checking internal operating procedures, the Service Quality Team was also established, which is led by directors and senior executives. Efforts to improve service quality were made in three aspects in 2019, specifically “feedback from customer satisfaction survey,” “improvement of customer service and customer complaint handling performance,” and “development of digital finance,” optimizing and adjusting systems and processes for each product and responsible unit. CUB regularly organizes education and training courses on consumer protection to ensure that all employees implement the principles of treating customers fairly during routine work. Six employees were recognized as model employees of CUB in 2019 for their outstanding performance in handling customer complaints and consumer protection. The employees were commended during the meeting of managers, and their performance was shared with all employees of CUB.


Mechanisms for Treating Customers Fairly

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Cathay FHC has a Service Quality Committee that sets the Group's service guidelines based on the principles of protecting customer rights and treating customers fairly. The committee periodically reviews service strategies and projects together with each subsidiary. Meanwhile, the Service Quality Team assembled by each subsidiary plans, implements, and follows up on service quality improvement plans, and listens to the voices of our customers so that Cathay would continue to improve customer satisfaction and create customer value.

Cathay FHC's subsidiaries commission large, reputable market survey companies to conduct satisfaction surveys based on their business attributes. Aspects of survey include sales personnel, customer services, claims services, counter services, and online services, while outcomes provide us with a basis for further improving our service quality.


Customer Satisfaction Performance

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“Claim Payments Automatically Deducted from Hospitalization Expenses” Service

Cathay Life's “claim payments automatically deducted from hospitalization expenses” service is an one-stop service that actively shows concern for hospitalized policyholders, actively handling claims by directly paying their medical expenses when they are discharged from hospital. As of the end of 2019, Cathay Life provides this service with 9 hospitals around Taiwan, 1.55 million policyholders have participated, and over NT$290 million in medical expenses has been paid using this service, which can effectively save policyholders from complex claim application and discharged process for hospitalization.


Benefits Pre-payout Mechanism

Cathay Life has a benefits pre-payout mechanism that allows policyholders to first collect benefits, up to 7 days, without needing to be discharged. This mechanism allows policyholders to receive medical care with complete basic medical coverage in time.


Disaster Relief Service approach

Cathay Life offers two different disaster reliefs; one of which has been structured based on the company's "Policyholder Disaster Relief Service Guidelines", which provides policyholders with consultation, discounts and many other benefits at the first instance when a major disaster occurs. Cathay provides more benefits than any other peer in this respect. Moreover, in 2014, Cathay Life amended its "Major Disaster Claims and Response Policy“ to include remedy payments so that Customer Care is fully implemented and customer’s interests are fully safeguarded.

Major catastrophe claims process of Cathay Life is as below.


We began implementing the net promoter score (NPS) since our 2016 satisfaction survey for examining customer service records and feedback from important points of contact with customers. We hope to continue improving the customer service experience through quantified and qualified analyses, as well as cross-departmental communication and collaboration.


Cathay Life

●NPS framework deployment: Cathay Life’s NPS Customer Experience Management System was completed in 2018. Cathay Life values every point of contact with customers, and deployed 15 service nodes in the customer journey from online to offline for testing. It also established an automated monitoring panel and customer response management back-end. Departments work together during quarterly service quality meetings to optimize service quality.

●2019 Major Breakthroughs : The average tNPS of online nodes increased by 10.8 points in 2019, showing a significant growth in the number of customers who are so satisfied with Cathay Life's digital services, which were offered in response to its digital transformation, that they are willing to recommend it to others.



●NPS framework deployment: Established the digital platform NPS mechanism, and used NPS along with customer interviews or ease of use testing to help enhance the user experience of the platform that better meets users’ needs and expectations. The Customer Service Center began conducting tNPS surveys during customer calls each day starting in September 2019, and analyzed the correlation between feedback from questionnaires, the reasons for the calls, and products purchased by customers; this served as the basis for exploring deficiencies in the customer experience, providing feedback to relevant units each month for formulating strategies to better meet customers’ needs.

●2019 Major Breakthroughs: The tNPS of the surveys conducted by the Customer Service Center in December 2019 was 56.2%, an increase of 17.3% compared to the surveys done for the first time in September of the same year. The overall services are supported and recommended by customers.


Cathay Century

●NPS framework deployment: Completed the deployment of 21 nodes at digital channels and physical channels, and established an NPS customer experience management mechanism that attempts to depict the customer experience at each node through the NPS opinion management back-end, visualized report forms, and periodic meetings along with qualitative and quantitative multidimensional analysis. This is performed daily, monthly, and quarterly to find the core issues and potential solutions that can optimize the service experience at each node.

●2019 Major Breakthroughs: The average NPS of individual insurance claims settlement nodes in 2019 was 79, showing that most policy holders are loyal customers who are satisfied with and recommend claims services. The average NPS of online insurance enrollment nodes is 37, and the average NPS of digital service platforms is 38, both higher than the insurance industry’s international average of 34, showing that the digital low carbon services of Cathay Century have gained customers’ approval.


Cathay Securities

●NPS framework deployment: Adopted NPS in 2019, reviewed customer service records, and established 6 service nodes for testing. An NPS questionnaire is issued after customers experience services, customer service representatives make calls in response to recommendations customers make on the NPS questionnaire, so as to understand the usage of service nodes by each customer. Cathay Securities continues to optimize the customer service experience through cross-departmental communication and collaboration.

●2019 Major Breakthroughs: Customers recommendations are collected from regular savings plan NPS nodes, and investment targets continue to be increased to optimize purchase cost. This has increased the market share of debits for regular savings plans from 20% (NT$150 million) in December 2019 to 26% (NT$230 million) in February this year.


Cathay SITE

●NPS framework deployment: Combined satisfaction surveys with the NPS mechanism to understand what customers truly need from its products, services, and brand. Customer suggestions collected from the surveys provide feedback for making adjustments to business items, maintaining customer satisfaction with their service experience.

●2019 Major Breakthroughs: Customers’ recognition of Cathay SITE's efforts in products and services is clear from rNPS, which significantly increased from 32 points in 2018 to 40 points in 2019. In the future, Cathay SITE will continue to meet customers’ potential demand based on customer feedback.


Case 1: Chatbot

●Cathay FHC’s Digital, Data & Technology Center collaborated with the customer service teams of Cathay Life and CUB, to release “Alpha”, a chatbot, in September 2018. Customer services can direct and divert customers through “Alpha” to effectively and immediately complete services for simple and common issues. As of the end of 2019, on average over 20,000 people use “Alpha” every day, accounting for over 30% of overall customer services; satisfaction reached 4.7 stars (5 stars in total). Thanks to the help of “Alpha,” the ratio of customers transferred to a customer service representative decreased from 4.5% when “Alpha”was first launched to 1.5%. “Alpha” was awarded the Bronze Medal for Best Experience Innovation in the 2019 Future Commerce Awards of BusinessNext, as well as Best Private Bank - Digital Client Communication in the Global Private Banking Innovation Awards of The Digital Banker.

●In the past, customers often needed to press the numbers on their phone several times to transfer their call to a customer service representative. “Alpha” allows customers to enjoy personalized services at any time of the day by inputting their ID number and using SMS OTP verification. Furthermore, Alpha utilizes human-robot collaboration and a multi-task model to handle simple issues, and pass difficult issues to customer service representatives, effectively improving the customer experience.

●After the chatbot was launched, the Alpha Training Team carried out semantic model training that increased the chatbot's accuracy and comprehension. The team’s chatbot tag trainer tags sentences that Alpha was unable to recognize or understand each day, and optimizes Alpha's natural language learning model on this basis, making Alpha more human-like and become customers’ best assistant.


Three major advantages of Alpha:


Case 2: Developing AI-driven property insurance services

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Case 3: Providing customers with the most convenient investment process

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Sound Personal Information Management System

Cathay FHC established a Personal Information Data Management Committee and a sound personal information management system. In the face of the rapid change in new technologies and new attacks, international certification institutions are transitioning between international standards in-line with international privacy protection trends, in order to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Cathay Life, CUB, and Cathay Century successively obtained the BSI 10012:2017 Personal Information Management System certification to actively protect customer rights. Provisions of the new version are being incorporated into the personal information protection process. Cathay continues to upgrade its personal information protection mechanisms to provide customers with secured services and system environment. Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries declare that they respect customers’ personal information in accordance with the law in the Privacy Policy on their official website and explain how they collect, use, and protect the information.


Complete Personal Information Protection Education and Training

Cathay FHC organizes annual campaigns, education, and training for raising all employees’ awareness towards personal information protection, so that they understand the regulatory requirements, the scope of their responsibilities, and the various mechanisms, procedures, and measures related to the protection of personal information. The completion rate of personal information training of Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries was 100% from 2017 to 2019.


Note: The completion rate above excludes employees due to characteristics of their duties and leave plans (temporary dispatch, parental leave, maternity leave, etc.).

Infringement Incident Management

Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries collect, process, and use personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations, and do not exceed the scope necessary for specific purposes. Customers’ rights to access, request to view, make a copy, correct, supplement, cease the collection, processing, and use, or request the deletion of personal information are explicitly stated. Customers are informed of the purpose for collecting personal information and who the information will be shared with, and all third parties are required to comply with company policies. Cathay FHC has aligned its personal information management mechanism with international standards in response to the EU's GDPR, and monitors the optimization and implementation of protection measures, as well as emergency response procedures and drills. Cathay FHC is able to provide more considerate and complete services through these layers of protection for customer data and rights, so that customers and partners can rest assured when they provide their personal information.

Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries have all established emergency response procedures and periodic drill mechanism for infringement incidents, and established the cross-departmental emergency response team and regulations for reporting and handling. Periodic drills improve employees’ response and protection abilities, prevent infringement incidents, and minimize the damages caused to parties involved in incidents. Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries were not fined for any infringements on personal information in 2019.


Cathay FHC Flowchart for Reporting and Handling Personal Information Infringement Incidents


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