Cathay FHC attaches great importance to the cultivation of digital, technology, and interdisciplinary talent, and has worked together with National Taiwan University (NTU) and the social enterprise “City Wanderer” for 3 years, providing students with opportunities to show their creativity, for self-exploration, and understand FinTech. Furthermore, we began to focus on recruiting elite digital talent of the new era in response to the group's digital transformation in 2019.

New Employee Statistics

Complete On-the-job Training Mechanism

Cathay takes employee training and development very seriously. Besides designing different training contents for new employees, key talents, supervisors, and managers, we implemented the digital citizen development plan and talent transformation plan in response to the era of the digital economy. Meanwhile, in response to global and local sustainability trends, we organized corporate sustainability training, which aim to enhance employees’ competencies, literacy, and competitiveness.

Optimizing the e-Learning Environment

Cathay Digital Citizen Development Plan


Results of the Cathay Digital Citizen Development Plan

Statistics of Employee Training Hours

Talent Pool Program

Cathay defines the talent standards in coordination with business strategy, so as to cultivate talent needed by the group to seize opportunities and face challenges in Asia. Through talent development activities and coaches, we accelerate employee growth and strengthen target competencies, which enriches the group's talent pool.


1. GMA Program

The GMA Program is the only cross-company MA rotation project in the industry, and was implemented under the group's strategic goal to become the leading financial institution in the Asia Pacific. GMAs gain important abilities and experience in the 2.5 year job rotation process, and formulate strategies at the FHC-level to create synergistic effects.


2. CMA Program

We developed a multidisciplinary CMA Training Program that involves front, middle, and back offices to sow the seeds of versatile "Asian Bankers." The program includes 2 years of education and professional job rotation, with senior executives personally providing guidance and feedback. The program cultivates talent with expertise and macro perspective, so that they are able to design services that better meet customers' needs.


3. CIM Program

After receiving complete training in the front, middle and back office under the guidance of a personal mentor as well as solid financial courses, CIM MAs must pass multiple tests throughout the training process, including professional knowledge tests and competence development assessments. The top three trainees in the final assessment will have the opportunity to study overseas.



Talent Transformation Plan

Facing the rise of FinTech and rapid changes in society, the financial industry must improve the professional service abilities of salespeople to ensure the company’s stable growth and high customer satisfaction. Using the two major subsidiaries of Cathay FHC as an example, we implemented a number of talent transformation plans for salespeople to gain key knowledge and skills, so that salespeople will be able to face the threat of being replaced by robots in a digital era. The plans make them more agile at work through the proper use of technology, which increases their productivity and the retention rate of new recruits.


Programs for Talent Cultivation

The era of the digital economy has arrived, and cultivating and recruiting talent with interdisciplinary and digital skills will be the key to companies’ competitiveness. Cathay strives to establish a complete talent supply chain from school education, internships, to on-the-job training and we launched several internship programs.



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