Cathay Financial Holdings ("Cathay FHC" includes Cathay Life, Cathay United Bank "CUB", Cathay Century, Cathay Securities, Cathay SITE, and Cathay Venture) is committed to maximizing value for our shareholders, customers, and employees and upholding our core values of "Integrity, Accountability, and Innovation." In response to the fast-changing environment, Cathay FHC will align our business strategy with market conditions, leverage our financial competencies, drive digital transformation, and achieve group synergies in order to provide financial services that are comprehensive, convenient and personalized. Cathay FHC will continue to focus on our three engines of growth “Insurance + Banking + Asset Management,” and advance toward our vision of becoming a“leading financial institution in the Asia-Pacific region.” In 2022, capital markets across the world experienced great turbulence, bringing many challenges for the financial sector. Despite the ever-changing environment, thanks to the concerted efforts of our employees, Cathay FHC maintained steady business strategy and delivered robust core business momentum. Cathay FHC recorded a consolidated after-tax profit of NT$ 38 billion (US$ 1.24 billion), and EPS of NT$ 2.58, with subsidiaries CUB and Cathay SITE once again achieving record-breaking profits.


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