Cathay FHC established Digital, Data & Technology (DDT) in 2016. DDT regards “data-driven” as culture. With “Digital, Data, and Technology” as its three pillars, DDT builds the infrastructure for big data analysis and application, utilizes new technologies in financial operations to create a data ecosystem, and creates an environment for creative talent from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, DDT is in hopes of making Cathay FHC become the leading brand in the domestic digital and data ecosystem, and assists Taiwan to take a leap onto the international stage through the digital transformation process.

DDT has recruited over 550 interdisciplinary talents to promote the digital transformation in the nearly four years since it was established. Utilizing group resources, DDT gathers strategic partners to collaborate with startups around the world in expanding overseas markets.

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MyRewards APP

●MyRewards APP owns over 2 million members in 2019, an increase of 30% from the previous year.

●MyRewards APP actively worked together with third party service providers in 2019, and provided a complete experience and excellent one-stop services via API, without redirection. Such services include e-commerce, cuisine collective buying, entertainment, gas and parking, and restaurant reservation, providing diverse financial services to meet customers’ needs in daily life scenarios. Users of the selected services on average make 30% more transactions than overall users. Furthermore, users that begin to use gas and parking services on average made nearly three more transactions each month, effectively increasing the total number of transactions.

●MyRewards APP further worked together with Teach For Taiwan (TFT) in 2019, caring for education and teacher training in rural areas of Taiwan.

●As of the end of 2019, approximately 35 million reward points were donated, providing resources to help the underprivileged and allowing digital finance to create greater social value.

MyRewards APP gathers small amounts of reward points on the digital platform based on the concept of crowdfunding, and provides resources to help the underprivileged, allowing digital finance to create greater social value.


Cathay Robo

●Cathay Robo significantly reduces investor’s misjudgments caused by psychological factors through the use of scientific financial management methods. It also lowers the threshold for initial investors who are unfamiliar with the market or those have no time to study the investment target. Cathay Robo’s "scientific financial management" continuously optimize the algorithm and investment portfolio through the collaboration of experts and data models, so that customers can keep focusing on long-term investment with worry free.

●Cathay Robo further launched the industry's first “strategic investment portfolio” in 2019, offering four new investment assortments for different strategies. Customers can choose a strategy based on their own risk attributes and appetite. Even beginners can easily figure out what is best for them.

●Data shows that 99.52% of users that utilized robo investment services for at least 9 months averaged a positive return, and the average ROI after investing for 1 year reached 4.73%.

Cathay Robo also introduced a new function “Check what others are buying,” which divides investors into eight groups by age and gender, providing beginners with more options when investing.


Cathay Life “Digital and Omni-channel Business Plan”

●Cathay Life led the industry in offering the patented service process “Mobile Insurance,” significantly shortened the time required for underwriting and claims.

●The number of Cathay Life's online insurance members surpassed one million in 2019. Cathay Life ranks number one in the industry in terms of the three major indicators of online insurance enrollment, specifically the number of registered members, insurance policies, and cumulative insurance premiums. Cathay Life has a 50% share of the market with premium revenue growing by over 300%.

●The industry’s first insurance consultant website “My insurance buddy - ProAdvisor” provides guidance to customers who need insurance consulting or need to apply insurance, so that they are able to immediately and freely choose an excellent salesperson.

●The first in the industry, Cathay Life took the initiative by upgrading the functions of chatbot “Alpha”, allowing customers to apply travel insurance through three simple steps.

Cathay Life upgraded the functions of “Alpha.” Customers only need to enter the travel date, destination, and duration to complete travel insurance application.

●Cathay Life worked with ezTravel, the number one platform for independent domestic travel, and completed the first supervision sandbox case in Taiwan, providing a one-stop travel service experience. When people are applying travel insurance products in the future, they only need to complete 4 procedures, in 1 minute, to meet their insurance needs.

●The app was downloaded 850,000 times as of the end of 2019, the most among life insurance companies.The percentage of policyholders who used their policies to apply for a loan online significantly increased from 5% in 2017 to 20% in 2019.


CUB creates an experience economy through omni-channel services

●CUB aims to create an excellent customer experience without any break points, in order to create a new digital finance system. The services are provided via brick-and-mortar branches and digital channels through online to offline integration involving front-end offices, middleware platforms, and back-end offices.

●As of the end of 2019, CUB already has 4.22 million digital user accounts (including MyBank, My MobiBank, and KOKO users), accounting for 45% of all customers, and an increase of more than 17% compared with the previous year.


My MobiBank “Flexible Loan” Service

●CUB's KOKO began offering “Freestyle” personal loans that meet the needs of the younger generation in 2018, featuring “drawdown in tranches” and “interest incurred after drawdown” to tear down the barriers between age and financial service use.

●CUB was also the first in the industry to offer a fully automated, one-stop online loan service “Flexible Loan” on the app My MobiBank in 2019. Application, drawdown, and repayment can be rapidly completed by tapping on the My MobiBank app. Online loan applications can be approved in as fast as 5 minutes, and users do not need to immediately take out the loan once their application is approved. Customers can drawdown or repay their loan at any time, preparing them for family, financial, and medical expenses that may suddenly occur. With this app, customers can access emergency funds to meet any financial needs using their mobile phone.

“Flexible Loan” service on My MobiBank has a fully automated loan process, allowing customers to easily make the best preparations for any sudden expenses.




●KOKO and Cathay Century in 2019 launched the innovative “KOPlay,” which significantly improves the customer experience by allowing customers to complete travel insurance enrollment, inquiry, and receiving notices on their claims through the KOKO app.

●Customers can rapidly purchase travel insurance as late as 2 hours before departure. If customers need to file claims, all they need to do is upload a photo to the app to complete the notification of an incident for claims. Customers can monitor the progress of claims at any time, and do not need to handle it at a service counter or mail an application.

●KOPlay resolves the issue of long enrollment procedures for travel insurance that need to be completed at a service counter, providing customers with a whole new financial service experience.

Improving service efficiency by understanding what customers need

●CUB was the first in the industry to launch the customer-centered DMP and RTDM with an emphasis on “immediacy” and “personalization,” creating a big data ecosystem based on the customer journey. The two platforms link together online, offline, internal, and external data of customers, and take the initiative to immediately provide services when customers most need it. This satisfies the diverse and immediate needs of digital users for financial services.


Data collaboration, jointly developing the global data ecosystem

●Integrating group's resources, DDT partners with different enterprises in Taiwan and overseas to create new digital experiences and services without any break points. It has not only created a financial ecosystem for different scenarios in travel, telecommunications, housing, and e-commerce in Taiwan, but also helped expand the business development of Cathay FHC in Southeast Asian markets, and furthermore, gradually developing a complete global data ecosystem.

●CUB and T-Star offered the innovative loan project, and applications for one of specific rate plans increased nearly 15% month over month during the trial period.

●CUB and Sinyi Realty Inc. co-organized the “Happy Neihu by Cathay & Sinyi” event to revitalize communities. The event provides scenario-based financial services through online to offline to stimulate local districts.

●DDT assisted Cathay Century and Cola Tour in providing “Travel Insurance” service, which allows customers to also purchase travel insurance when they book a trip on Cola’s platform. Powered by two entities’ API linkage, the insurance purchase process been accelerated significantly.

Open API and Middle-End Micro Services

●Cathay actively participates in operations of Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., and serves as the convener of a task force. Besides, Cathay assists the competent authority and all peers in the field of open banking in order to ramp up the global presence of Taiwan’s FinTech innovation.

●CUB was the first to develop 18 open APIs for accessing open data in the first phase in compliance with regulations of the FSC and Financial Information Service, and completed interfacing with multiple third-party service providers (TSP) through the Open API platform.

●DDT in Cathay FHC is actively promoting the middleware platform and the micro-services architectures for banks. All internal systems are interfaced using the APIs, which is also the interface for providing services externally. The implementation of a robust platform system allows innovations in digital products to be more flexible, more agile, allows services to be more rapidly provided to customers, and provides greater information security.

●The middle-end supports automatic expansion and has an automatic load balance mechanism, with transaction processing performance reaching 4,000-5,000 TPS; daily transaction volume surpassed 5 million transactions, higher than the market average.

Cathay Life was the first to release an API for Internet banking identity verification in coordination with CUB’s Internet banking. Customers can adjust their coverage online and create a form of insurance with the value that best suits them, providing customers with safer and more convenient services.


DDT led the industry in adopting the DevOps culture

●DDT actively adopted the DevOps culture, and extensively applied it to numerous digital financial products, such as KOKO, MyRewards APP, Cathay Robo, and My MobiBank.

●DDT accelerates digital software development through agile development, software testing, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), as well as operations maintenance and monitoring, laying a solid foundation that can integrate front, middle, and back end resources and innovation momentum for the development of FinTech and open banking.

DDT was also involved with technology communities in Taiwan. For example, Cathay shared how to build a DevOps culture during the DevOps Days Taipei 2019. This was also the first time a financial institution from Taiwan shared its DevOps experience in this event.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

●Cathay FHC implemented RPA for employees to revisit the necessity of every business process. Employees can schedule a specific robot to perform a specific task at a specific time, or manually enable the robot when necessary. Employees can perform other tasks while the robot is working, and verify the execution results of the robot later on. This human-robot collaboration has transformed operations to become more flexible, effective, and agile, leading the financial industry into the digital era.

●DDT has assisted in the successful application of RPA in Cathay Life, CUB, and Cathay Century in 2019, which has optimized the companies’ business processes. As of the end of 2019, 50 RPA application scenarios were available. We will further expand to Cathay Securities, Cathay FHC, and even non-financial businesses to accelerate Cathay’s digital transformation.

●Cathay Life utilized RPA to shorten the time required for processing external correspondence to one-tenth of what it used to be. CUB utilized RPA to shorten the convenience store collection part of the credit card payment and write off process to one-sixth of what it used to be.


Cathay Financial Innovation Lab

●DDT in Cathay FHC has launched the Cathay Financial Innovation Lab to broaden its global perspectives of data, digital, and technology, and to obtain the latest innovative technologies. The lab focuses on six fields, namely FinTech, InsurTech, MedTech, RegTech, PropTech, and artificial intelligence (AI). With an innovative approach, Cathay Financial Innovation Lab selected 9 startups out of over 400 teams through an open audition. With the assistance of DDT, the shortlisted startups will then work closely with Cathay’s business units such as Cathay Life, CUB, and Cathay Century, to resolve pain points in various business scenarios and improve operational performance.

●Cathay Financial Innovation Lab also allows the world’s well-known startups to collaborate with Cathay, and gain first-hand experience with Taiwan’s unique FinTech scenarios. The collaboration will also raise the international visibility of Taiwan’s outstanding FinTech innovation.


Data Science Lab

●The Data Science Lab stays up-to-date on the latest data science theories and practical technologies worldwide, and uses tools with open source code to aid the innovation of key technologies, ensuring R&D momentum to create more financial application services.

●The Data Science Lab in 2019 published technology projects in the Data Conference Taiwan (DataCon.TW), Feng Chia University, and Taiwan's data science communities. It engages in exchanges with members of the tech industry using real world examples and developments of technologies and practices rarely seen in the FinTech industry, laying the foundation for technology leadership in the field of FinTech.

Public Welfare Strategy 4 | Environmental Considerations

Plant Saplings of Hope and Create Shades for Future Generations

Countries have taken climate change and ecological conservation issues seriously in recent years. Cathay Charity Foundation upholds the Group's spirit in practices for corporate and social sustainability, and has dedicated long-term efforts into environmental care activities for greening communities. The foundation also responded to the government policy of energy conservation and carbon reduction, promoting the Group’s mobile insurance service process during activities. Four tree planting events held in Shulin, Zhushan, Jinshan, and Keelung planted approximately 9,300 trees in 2019. The Cathay volunteers cleared 620 kg of Minute-a-Mile weed in Toucheng Township, Yilan County, giving Taiwan’s native plants a suitable environment to grow in. These green actions protect our beautiful homeland.

Carbon Reduction Summit Raises Students' Environmental Protection Awareness

Environmental education is an important part of the Ministry of Education's 12-year basic education. It is also a key issue in Cathay Life's Sustainable Campus Project, which worked with social enterprises in the promotion of carbon reduction in life on campus. Students learn how to put themselves in the shoes of others and take responsibility for their decisions by playing the role of leader in game scenarios, which give them a new perspective of carbon reduction issues to better understand the importance of environmental protection. The event was promoted in 19 schools and participants included 725 teachers and students and 93 salespeople.

Promote Green and Carbon Reduction Businesses in Response to World Earth Day

CUB has sponsored National Geographic's World Earth Day Road Run for two consecutive years, and over 20,000 people participated in the event this year to contribute to environmental protection. CUB is the exclusive sponsor of the program "Hostile Planet" in hopes that citizens will take climate change more seriously. The program shows how wild animals face severe challenges and dilemmas for survival, and reached 139,912 people through Facebook. The 2020 project continued to sponsor the event, and integrated the promotion of CUB's green and carbon reduction businesses, inviting the public to exert influence through action.

CUB Chairman leads colleagues in the World Earth Day Road Run.


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