On operational management, Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries all implement energy and environmental management systems in their respective head offices, adopt the PDCA process, and establish an “Energy and Environment Management Policy.” For better GHG, waste, and water resources management, we develop low-carbon service and conduct energy and building improvement.


Low Carbon Services

All of Cathay’s insurance products are low carbon products, and business developments focus on becoming “mobile” and “electronic.” All of Cathay Life's products led the industry in being certified with the carbon reduction label. Besides calculating carbon emissions in the product life cycle, we also compare the margin of carbon reduction compared with three years ago, in which carbon emissions significantly decreased by 14% between 2016 and 2018. Furthermore, Cathay Century led the industry in establishing PCR for property insurance services in November 2019 according to EPA regulations. Cathay Century hopes this will promote the calculation of carbon footprint for property insurance products. Both subsidiaries set important milestones for Taiwan’s development towards a low carbon economy. Cathay’s low carbon insurance products significantly reduce energy and resource use, and reduced paper use by nearly 100 million sheets in 2019, which is equal to over 12,000 trees.

Water Management

We are also dedicated to water conservation, and achieve our environmental performance goals through environmental action plans formulated each year. Our main office buildings have dual-flush toilets and automatic sensors for water conservation,. We set the goal not to over 14.0kWh/person.

Waste Management

We are also dedicated to waste reduction, and achieve our environmental performance goals through environmental action plans formulated each year. we set the goal to achieve down 15% compared with the base year (2017)

Environmental Reporting – Assurance

Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 of the GHG inventory (including electricity consumption and other energy consumption) are conducted in compliance with ISO14064-1:2018 and received external certification in compliance with ISO14064-3; the certification organization was BSI in 2016 and 2019 and SGS in 2017-2018.



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