About Us


Following the globalization and diversification of the financial-services industry and the development of the domestic regulations regarding merger & acquisition, Cathay Financial Group establishes its presence in Taiwan on December 31, 2001, with registered capital of NTD$120 Billion. Composed of insurance, securities, banking and other diversified financial institutions, Cathay Financial Holdings has become a full-functioning financial platform. With many sales branches and professional sales representatives across Taiwan, Cathay is to develop its cross-selling strategy and provide a one-stop shopping convenience for its customers.

Business Strategy

  • Integrate every subsidiary's resources and provide financial services in all aspects in order to let customer enjoy 'One Stop Shopping' services.
  • Develop integrated financial products tailored towards customer's needs and become customer's best partner in 'personal investment planning'.
  • Continue to improve IT system to satisfy customer's demand for timely information. Internally, we will enhance IT system to support the automation of decision making, internal audition, risk management, sales information, and operational management.
  • Strengthen employee's professionalism and job satisfaction in order to provide best quality financial services to customers.
  • Seek synergies from integrated management and reward customers and shareholders from lowered costs.
  • Establish superior brand image and to become the most trustworthy financial company perceived by every customer.

Competitive Advantages

  • Cathay Life, subsidiary of Cathay Financial Group, is the flagship insurance company in Taiwan. Its branches coverage ratio ranks number one in Taiwan, as well as it's market share for Policy-in-Force. Cathay Life also has a strong customer base and versatile experiences in sales team management. Additionally, Cathay Life has established a satellite long-distance educational channel (Classroom, Satellite, Network, CSN) and its transmission coverage covers Taiwan and Southeastern China.
  • Cathay United Bank has shown a prominent growth in consumer banking business in the past few years. In terms of card in force and purchase volume, Cathay United Bank is one of the top three credit card issuer. In addition, its home mortgage business has also grown rapidly and the quality of services has also improved.
  • Cathay Century delivered impressive results on the top of fundamental performance as well as operational indicators. We provide toll-free customer service telephone, claim reporting system for 24 hours service, and extensive branch offices around the island. Car claim and indemnity policy have also gained recognition of ISO9001. Cathay Century Insurance dedicated to improve efficiency by implementing electronic commerce, and won the "Best in E-Commerce Award" consecutively.
  • Cathay Securities primary businesses include retail and institutional securities brokerage, financial product structuring, asset securitization, underwriting and proprietary trading. Cathay Securities further strengthens and completes the existing financial services platform of Cathay Financial Holdings and reinforces its commitment to leveraging cross-selling opportunities and providing customers with “one-stop shopping” across a broad range of financial products and services.
  • Cathay Securities Investment Trust (CSIT) is committed to delivering superior and consistent fund performance. We rigorously recruit professional managers and analysts with a wealth of experience in operations management and investment research. Upholding the group's core philosophy of “strong roots, steady growth”, CSIT is dedicated to the principles of Business Diligence, Customer First, Reliability and Trustworthiness, and Integrity and Stability, in its ultimate pursuit of offering outstanding services.
  • Institutions under our group have a complete a net of customer services that constitute a customer base that exceeds 10 million, 700 branches, and over 20 thousand sales forces.
  • In the future, Cathay is looking forward to include domestic and international financial institutions in order to increase liquidity and expand cross-selling channels, thus increasing our competitive advantage and establish economies of scale in channels and economic scope in sales.