It is the thought that enables services to touch people’s heart. Cathay FHC has approximately 14 million customers and adopts a customer-centered business model to provide each and every customer with thoughtful services from the four following aspects: customer satisfaction, customer rights, customer experience, and customer care. Cathay also utilizes the most user-friendly chatbot available in this digital era to become a part of customers’ daily lives and have access to an even more thoughtful service experience.

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Customer Satisfaction

Cathay FHC’s Service Quality Committee makes service policies based on the principles of protecting customer rights and treating customers fairly. The committee periodically reviews service strategies and projects together with each subsidiary. Meanwhile, the Service Quality Team assembled by each subsidiary plans, implements, and follows up on service quality improvement action plans, and listens to the voices of customers so that we can continue to improve customer satisfaction and create customer value.
Cathay FHC's subsidiaries commission large, reputable market survey companies to conduct satisfaction surveys each year. Aspects of survey include sales personnel, customer services, claims services, counter services, and online services, while outcomes provide us with a basis for further improving our service quality.
Cathay strives to create highly professional customer service centers. Cathay Life is the only insurance company in Taiwan to achieve EN 15838, ISO 10001 and ISO 10002 certifications, and also winner of the Stevie Awards For Sales & Customer Service. Cathay Life also won the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards – Best Large Contact Center awarded by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) in 2018, becoming the only company in Asia to ever win the award.


Insurance Brokers and Agencies Management

Cathay Life has a set of “Performance Appraisal and Remuneration Guidelines for Insurance Sales Force, Brokers and Agencies” in place to ensure the level of services provided by distribution channels it works with. The guidelines serve to maintain the quality of new insurance contracts made by insurance brokers and agencies and control the number of improper sales. In 2018, 68,045 sales cases were reviewed during regular inspections. If the contracts fail to meet the established standards, the company has a set of mechanisms in place to determine the necessity of renewing such contracts.


Treating Customers Fairly

Cathay FHC values the opinions of all customers. We have a number of customer complaint channels and a dedicated unit that handles customer complaints. We also established regulations and the highest principle of "actively handling issues and actively showing concern” that requires our staff to immediately contact customers and propose solutions.

Cathay FHC established specific strategies and measures based on the principle of treating customers fairly to resolve issues at the source, and periodically provides related personnel with education and training on treating customers fairly. We hope to make the spirit of treating customers fairly a part of the organizational culture while resolving customer complaints through cross-departmental collaboration, so that we can comprehensively protect customer rights.

Customer Loyalty

Cathay began using the net promoter score (NPS) in our 2016 satisfaction survey for examining customer service records and reviewing and determining important points of contact with customers. We hope to continue improving the customer service experience through quantified and qualified analyses, cross-departmental communication and collaboration, periodic monitoring of indicators, and optimization of follow-up mechanisms. Cathay Life completed the “Cathay Life NPS Customer Experience Management System” in 2018 with the goal to be immediately updated with every “like” from a customer. We greatly value every moment of contacting customers. Through cross-departmental collaboration, the monthly “Customer Experience Improvement Team” meetings, and working together, Cathay Life provides better service quality. The averaged NPS of each node increased by 11.1 points in 2018, showing a significant growth in the number of customers who are so satisfied with Cathay Life that they are willing to recommend to others. The “Customer Experience Improvement Team” will continue to actively work towards “experience optimization” and “positive review dissemination”, so that positive reviews will drive our business expansion and we can fully realize the impact of NPS. CUB looks into customer experience issues in the service process through its robust organization, so that it can provide products or services that better meet users’ needs.


In September, 2018 Cathay FHC officially launched a chatbot named “Alpha” as one of its digital customer services. The chatbot uses NLU (Natural Language Understanding) for semantic analysis, which enables it to determine customers’ intentions and contexts to provide solutions more accurately. Through chatflow work design, the chatbot is able to resume to previous conversation with customer even the chat terminated or switched suddenly. The chatbot is rapidly calibrated through daily operation with the Customer Service Center to make the conversation flow smoother and interaction more reasonable and human-like.

We are committed to providing the smoothest one-stop customer solution with “Alpha.” Aside from common functions such as checking credit card statements or searching for product policies and conditions, customers can further complete some financial transactions through Alpha such as credit card payment or applying for insurance. Moreover, when the chatbot detects that it is unable to respond to a customer’s inquiry online, it will instantly and seamlessly transfer the case to human customer service personnel to takeover within seconds. “Alpha” now can be accessed on the official websites, apps, and official Line accounts of CUB and Cathay Life across multiple devices (mobile, desktop).

Within 3 months of official launch, “Alpha” users on CUB's official website had doubled, and its number of daily user has grew by 1.6 times. Customers also rated “Alpha” with 4.7 stars (out of a total of 5 stars) after use to recognize the chatbot experience provided. On top of this, we will continue to apply new technology to enrich Alpha’s service coverage based on data driven customer insight and thereby upgrade our customer-centric service level.

“Data fraud and theft” and “cyberattacks” were listed among the world’s top five risks in the 2019 Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum, showing that information security and personal information protection have become the center of attention worldwide in this digital era.


Information Security Organization and Mechanisms

Cathay FHC has an Information Security Committee that oversees the group's information

  security policy making and management system promotion. The committee completed an

  information security blueprint in 2018 and laid out 8 security domains and 84 information

  security control items.


Cathay FHC and its 6 subsidiaries have all separately established information security

  policies, and all examine the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and compliance of

  information assets through annual inspections.


Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries commissioned external consultants to perform an

  information security operations assessment in 2018 for inspecting the compliance of 

  regulations made by competent authority and information security operations.

  The board of directors examines the assessment report and overall implementation

  of information security in the first quarter of 2019.


Cathay FHC, Cathay Life, and CUB all have an independent and dedicated information 

  security unit and a chief information security officer to plan, monitor and implement 

  information security operations, and also a cross-company information security joint 

  meeting and an emergency response team, exerting every effort to ensure information 

  security control and quality improvement.


Cathay Life, CUB and Cathay Century have also completed an information security 

  governance framework and information security management system through the 

  international certifications “ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System” 

  and “BS 10012:2017 Personal Information Management System”, and have thereby 

  strengthened their warning, reporting, and response procedures for information 

  security incidents. Cathay strives to provide secure financial services and reduce 

  the risk of customers’ personal information leakages.


Information Security Education and Training and Promotion

Cathay FHC promotes information security and personal information protection by enhancing employees' awareness of information security and regularly organizing education and training courses and holding promotion events. These measures aim to raise our employees’ awareness of information security and Internet security, protect information assets from any sort of interference, damage, intrusion, or any unfavorable actions and intents, and properly implement information security and personal information management. Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries conducted information security education and training to all its employees. The completion rate of Cathay FHC’s subsidiaries information security education in 2018 reached 100%.

Cathay FHC held “Cathay Financial and Real Estate Group Senior Supervisors Meeting” in 2018 and invited experts to share opportunities and challenges related to information security with executives or above the executive vice president level of Cathay Financial and Real Estate Group. The Chairman of Cathay FHC also attended the meeting.


Protection of Customers' Personal Information and Management of Infringement Incidents

When Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries discover a cyber threat that will endanger information security, the information security incident response system is initiated. The highest level responder to an emergency information security incident is the president in all companies. Please see the Cathay FHC official website for the flowchart of information security incident reporting and response process. Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries did not have any information security incidents, violate any regulations on customer information protection, and were not fined for violations of information security between 2016 and 2018.

Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries collect, process, and use personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations, and do not exceed the scope necessary for specific purposes. Customers are informed of the purpose for collecting personal information and who the information will be shared with, and all third parties are required to comply with company policies. Each company has established regulations for reporting and handling personal information incidents, and will notify the persons affected within processing time to effectively respond to and handle the emergency incident, minimizing the damage to the persons involved. If an employee discovers or receives a report regarding the infringement of personal information, the employee can access the regulations and reporting procedures via Intranet. Customers can also notify Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries via 24-hour customer service hotlineor email.

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Supplier Participation

Cathay Life complies with requirements on audits by mandated institutions according to the "Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Outsourcing Guidelines," and conducts on-site audits of the physical environment, network structure, computer system, access control, end point security, and data processing security of suppliers with whom we have data connections. A total of 7 suppliers were audited with audit coverage reaching 100% in 2018. CUB conducts semi-annual information security audits of all suppliers that have data connections with the bank. A total of 4 suppliers were audited with audit coverage reaching 100% in 2018.

Taiwan, due to its topological features and location, is especially prone to natural disasters; 90% of Taiwan is hit by two disasters a year, and 73% is hit by three disasters a year. In addition, especially damage associated with typhoons which strike Taiwan an average of 3.3 times each year.

The following mechanisms are intended to reduce the impact of natural disasters and climate change-induced damages on Cathay’s operations and revenue:

Disaster prevention mechanism

Cathay FHC has created a typhoon response taskforce and laid down a plan stipulating that, should a natural disaster occur during business hours, employees must follow the incidence, or before 9:30 AM on the first business day after the incidence. Within 15 minutes after being alerted to the disaster, the Cathay FHC must instruct managers at all levels to handle it appropriately. In 2015, the Cathay typhoon response taskforce was activated three times, once in July, once in August and once in September.


Pandemics prevention mechanism

As the outbreak of avian influenza A (H7N9) intensified in 2013, Cathay Life laid down anti-H7N9 measures in line with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s pandemic threat levels. Then, Cathay laid down anti-H797 measures in line with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s pandemic threat levels.

Level Definition Response
Level 1 No confirmed human cases of the disease. Establish a disease surveillance mechanism and the emergency response taskforce.
Level 2、3 A confirmed case due to cross-border outbreak is reported. A secondary outbreak happens. Active a daily epidemic reporting system、Announcement of vaccination cooperation
Level 4、5 A community-wide outbreak happens but is under control. Consult the advice from Cathay General Hospital,depend on the situation of pandemics,evaluate and implement control of personnel in head office.
Level 6 A nationwide outbreak happens. Consider canceling meetings, training sessions or other activities; paying an advance against health insurance claims.


Disaster Relief Service approach

Cathay Life offers two different disaster reliefs; one of which has been structured based on the company's "Policyholder Disaster Relief Service Guidelines", which provides policyholders with consultation, discounts and many other benefits at the first instance when a major disaster occurs. Cathay provides more benefits than any other peer in this respect. Moreover, in 2014, Cathay Life amended its "Major Disaster Claims and Response Policy“ to include remedy payments so that Customer Care is fully implemented and customer’s interests are fully safeguarded.

Major catastrophe claims process of Cathay Life is as below.


Accessible Financial Services

Cathay Life and CUB have both established disability-friendly websites to provide user-friendly financial services. Both Cathay Life and CUB’s websites are certified by the National Communications Commission. CUB provided a dedicated accessible ATM at the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired in Tienmu, Taipei City in 2011. CUB also led the industry by setting up a total of 122 accessible ATMs at mass transit stations by the end of 2018, so that even visually impaired people can enjoy automated financial services.


Friendly Policy Holder Care Services

Following the Hualian Earthquake in 2018, Cathay Life provided free building structural safety inspections performed by professional engineers to Hualien residents, including non-policy holders and helped 186 households ensure the safety of their houses. Cathay Life also worked together with Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital in providing direct medical benefits for policy holders by immediately accepting claims applications from policy holders and providing direct medical benefits so that they have one less thing to worry about after the disaster.



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