Environment Management Policy and Goal

Cathay FHC established the Environment and Energy Management Committee and Cathay FHC Group Environment and Energy Policy in 2017 to manage its natural capital. The President offers guidance on related operations and periodically convenes meetings on energy and environmental management to supervise policy implementation. Furthermore, Cathay FHC and all of its subsidiaries implemented both the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System, and integrated management goals with GHG emission reduction goals. Of related environmental goals, our GHG reduction goal is to reduce GHG emissions, that with 2016 as the base year, we reduce total carbon emissions by 5-10% in 2021. Our second goal is to install solar panels with a total installed capacity of 5,500 kW on our buildings by 2019, and we set the goal to achieve a 1% reduction in water consumption and 1% reduction in general waste per employee in 2018.



Environmental targets and implementation results



Electricity consumption



GHG Emission (tons CO2e)



Renewable Energy

We purchased the first batch of Taiwan Renewable Energy Certificates (T-RECs) in 2017 in response to the government’s promotion of renewable energy use. We continued to purchase T-RECs in 2018 and purchased 77 T-RECs as a group. Using environmentally friendly equipment, Cathay Life’s Zhongxiao Store and KOKO Lab, through which CUB provides digital services, are examples of business locations that operate entirely on green energy, offering customers a brand new green experience. Cathay Life completed the installation of two solar power roofs under the Field into Solar Farm Project. The solar panels are located in Taoyuan and Taichung Wuri and have a total installed capacity of about 3.5MW. The panels are expected to generate up to 3.53 million kWh and reduce carbon emissions by 1,956 metric tons each year, which is equal to the carbon absorption of about 5.03 Da'an Forest Parks.


Figure:Solar power roof of Logistics Republic Taichung Wuri


Cathay Green Buildings

Cathay Life passed the Real Estate Responsible Investment and Management Policy in 2017, which emphasizes that real estate investments must be aligned with sustainable development issues, and that due consideration must be given to the sustainability and value of assets, while improving energy efficiency and fulfilling environmental responsibilities. Related departments submitted applications to obtain the LEED Green Building Certification for main buildings. The Minsheng Jianguo Building obtained the EEWH Diamond Certification and LEED Gold Certification, meeting all standards for building greening, water resources, energy conservation, CO2 reduction, waste reduction, and indoor environment. Solar panels and the water recycling system were taken into consideration in the building evaluation stage.

As of the end of 2018, 13 buildings have obtained green building certifications, among which 2 buildings have obtained Energy Performance Certificates in the UK and 3 buildings have obtained LEED Certification, namely Cathay Landmark A3, Cathay Financial Center (head office of CUB), and Minsheng Jianguo Building.



Environmental Reporting – Assurance

Scope 1 and 2 GHG inventory (including total power consumption and consumption of other types of energy) was conducted in compliance with ISO14064-1, and received external certification in compliance with ISO14064-3; the certification organization was BSI in 2015-2016 and SGS in 2017. In 2018 we align ISO 14064:2018 to verify conduct the GHG inventory and accomplish the external certification.


ISAE 3000 has been utilized to the assurance of Cathay FHC 2015-2018 CS report that is verified by third-party of PWC Taiwan in terms of limited assurance level. To be effective of CSR reporting, the selected environmental indicators for assurance are conducted in 2015-2017, and all the environmental indicators for assurance are conducted in 2018.

Water Management

We are also dedicated to water conservation, and achieve our environmental performance goals through environmental action plans formulated each year. Our main office buildings have dual-flush toilets and automatic sensors for water conservation, and our new building (Minsheng Jianguo Building) has a rainwater harvesting system. We set the goal to achieve a 1% reduction in water consumption per employee in 2018.




Water footprint in 2018 is mainly calculated based on ISO 14046:2014, and we commissioned SGS to perform external certification.


Waste Management

We are also dedicated to waste reduction, and achieve our environmental performance goals through environmental action plans formulated each year. we set the goal to achieve a 1% reduction in general waste per employee in 2018.


Three Elements of Cathay’s Supplier Management: Lean management, contract regulation, and periodic communication

Lean management

Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries implemented the ISO 20400: 2017 Sustainable Procurement Guidelines in 2018 to influence its upstream suppliers by incorporating concepts of sustainability into its procurement practices, and became the first financial institution worldwide to obtain the certification. We established the Cathay FHC Sustainable Procurement Policy and a complete sustainable procurement procedure based on risks identified in the procurement process and the seven core principles of sustainable procurement. We are systematically working with our suppliers in corporate sustainability via an online procurement platform, self-assessment and management of sustainability by suppliers, the Sustainability Value Declaration signed by 100% of suppliers, fulfillment on sustainability related education and training, and annual supplier conferences, emphasizing the regulatory compliance of suppliers, protection of human rights, and creation of local employment opportunities.


Contract regulation

Cathay FHC added a CSR clause to the supplier contract in 2012 which explicitly requires suppliers to comply with regulations regarding employment conditions, workers' health and safety, environmental protection, and labor rights.


Periodic communication

Cathay provides suppliers with human rights and environmental protection training each year.


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