Public Welfare Strategies and Performance

While Cathay FHC forges an even deeper presence in Taiwan, it is also looking towards the future. Besides doing everything in our power to help customers accumulate tangible wealth, we will also fulfill our duty as a corporate citizen in hopes of bringing spiritual wealth to society and enriching the lives of every single person. We bravely shouldered the responsibility of bringing up a generation of good citizens and sowed the seeds of happiness in Taiwan, letting every seed sprout and nurturing it with care so that they will grow strong and tall, bringing a positive effect on society.

Cathay FHC established the four focus areas of its public welfare policy in 2016, which include Inclusive Care, Sporting Activities, Arts and Culture, and Environmental Considerations.

Key Charity Performance in 2019


Employees, Important Members in the Promotion of Community Engagement

Employees are important members in the promotion of community engagement. They wear yellow vests when they walk into communities, where they show their enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, and take action to jointly face challenges with partnering communities. Cathay provides one day of volunteer leave each year to encourage employees to serve local communities. The number of volunteer hours reached 96,284 in 2019, up 61% compared with 2018, accounting for 14% of overall inputs in public welfare, up 47%. Cathay Charity Foundation commended the 72 volunteers for their enthusiastic participation, showing the Company's recognition and appreciation of employees’ enthusiasm for charity.

Cathay Century focuses on long-term care and senior management responded to the volunteer activity “Show love through long-term care.” The volunteer activity will be combined with long-term care institution liability insurance and loss control services in 2020.

CUB established volunteer associations in northern, central, and southern Taiwan, and encourages departments to combine activities with volunteers, which led to over 150 volunteer activities being held.

Public Welfare Strategy 1 | Inclusive Care

Helping Students Pursue their Dreams

“Education is one soul awakening another soul.” Cathay accompanies students in learning how to face frustration and pursue their dreams, supports teachers in creating influence of education venues, and invites customers to take part in promotion.

Video-The Wind that Moves the Trees, explain Cathay’s vision for education.

Talent Training Program for New Residents Develops a Variety of Abilities for the Future

There are currently over 200,000 second generation immigrants in Taiwan. Cathay collaborated with professional education partners in providing courses to develop a variety of abilities of second generation immigrants, training new southbound talent of the future. Furthermore, 2,100 Cathay volunteers worked together with Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Taichung YMCA, and Kaohsiung YMCA in organizing 3 charity bazaars. The NT$3.6 million of earnings from the bazaar were all donated to care for second generation immigrants and their families.

Cathay's Dream Come True Program Lets Children Take their Abilities with Them

Cathay encourages elementary school teachers in rural areas to set goals for projects to improve children's problem-solving abilities. The program is now in its sixth year, and a total of 1,948 children from 81 schools have participated. Cathay also integrated resources of CUB, Cathay General Hospital, Cathay Women Basketball Team, and Cathay Century Iron Man Team to organize children growth camps. Cathay will build deeper relationships with elementary schools and fulfill its long-term commitment and vision to support rural areas, which will have a positive effect on society.

Deeper Collaborations with Social Enterprises

Cathay assembled supervisors with different backgrounds into a social enterprise mentor team that will help social enterprises grasp concepts of Corporate Sustainable, and also create cooperation opportunities. The team mentored two social enterprises and provided recommendations for finances, operations, and marketing. After mentoring and visiting the social enterprises four times, the team generated 11 plans for collaboration between Cathay FHC and social enterprises, and also invited Cathay Healthcare Management, Cathay Hospitality Management, and Cathay IT Group to take part. This project was recognized by the SMEA with the Buying Power Special Award.

Opportunities for social enterprises to make contact with Cathay employees were designed to let Cathay employees understand the actions of social enterprises, eg: Cathay employees learned about the philosophy of social enterprises through the ShoJio platform and provided catalogs of social enterprises for the Cathay FHCs consideration during Chinese New Year, Cathay; invited social enterprises to participate in various markets and the purchases reached NT$2.7 million for the year.

9 social enterprises, 3 CUB financing project clients included, participated in the social enterprise market organized by CUB.

Loving Yourself Starts from You, Women Empowerment

Cathay FHC and its partners Reebok, EVA Air, and StanShih Foundation organized the event “Loving Yourself Starts from You” for the first time in 2019 to promote female empowerment and help women find their value. Female executives of Cathay FHC strongly supported the event and showed their confidence and power together with nearly 800 women at the event.

Yoga and aerobics, which modern women are the most interested in, are combined with lectures to help participants break free from any constraints and show their confidence. We also hope that participants will use this to find a balance between their career and lives. Satisfaction survey results for the event show that up to 86% of participants agreed that the event allowed women to understand more ways to love themselves; 89.8% of participants agreed that “Cathay strongly supports women empowerment and provides a platform for women to seek different developments and voice their opinion.”

Promotion of Risk Prevention Education

Cathay Century promotes risk prevention education and seeks to make breakthroughs every year under the vision of “comprehensive identification of risks for all ages.” Accident-Free Riders completed a tour of 94 campuses and reached 11,850 people in 2019. Campus risk map, a sub-project of Accident-Free Riders, assisted Asia University in identifying and surveying the risk of roads surrounding its campus, which found 12 locations that are prone to traffic accidents. The project provided a risk map recommendation report, and the university improved the traffic facilities at 3 locations on this basis. The risk map was used to raise the traffic safety awareness of freshmen during orientation, and reached a total of 2,500 freshmen.

Cathay Century collaborated with PwC in calculating the social return on investment (SROI) of the Accident-free Riders Project, quantifying the project’s social impact. The SROI value was determined to be 3.30 (i.e., the project will generate a return of NT$3.30 in social benefits for every NT$1 invested) and was certified by the UK-based Social Value International in February 2020.

Cathay Century designed “Asia University Road Safety for Dummies,” using an easy-to-understand way to raise awareness of risks on the road.

Public Welfare Strategy 2 | Sporting Activities

Sustainable Campus Project Launches Anti-drug Campaign on Campuses

Cathay Life continued to work with the K-12 Education Administration in implementing the Sustainable Campus Project in academic year 2019, launching an anti-drug campaign on campuses with online games to introduce anti-drug knowledge to students. To increase the depth and breadth of the campaign, the project is divided into Air Force, Army, and Navy, and is implemented through both online and offline channels.

Note: Number of participants is calculated up to 2020/3/6.


Training Sports Talent to Create Future Stars for Taiwan

Cathay has provided long-term support and training for athletes, and not only raised the health awareness of citizens, but also invited players back from overseas to share their experience, so that others can learn from the players and pursue their dreams.

Public Welfare Strategy 3 | Arts and Culture

Art is Life

Cathay Art Festival - Organized by Cathay, Served by Cloud Gate

Cathay has sponsored Cloud Gate in co-organizing Cathay Art Festival for 24 consecutive years. Citizens can appreciate the beautiful rhythm of professional dancers from Cloud Gate up close free of charge through campus, community, and large outdoor performances. The event has accompanied Taiwan through ups and downs and brought people together. Cathay and Cloud Gate brought dance out of theaters and into public cultural spaces, including art museums, communities, and the lobby of county governments, in 2019. Public places are now venues for dancers to dance, customers and citizens are invited to appreciate the dance up close and interact with each other; approximately 8,500 people participate in 10 events.

Public Welfare Strategy 4 | Environmental Considerations

Plant Saplings of Hope and Create Shades for Future Generations

Countries have taken climate change and ecological conservation issues seriously in recent years. Cathay Charity Foundation upholds the Group's spirit in practices for corporate and social sustainability, and has dedicated long-term efforts into environmental care activities for greening communities. The foundation also responded to the government policy of energy conservation and carbon reduction, promoting the Group’s mobile insurance service process during activities. Four tree planting events held in Shulin, Zhushan, Jinshan, and Keelung planted approximately 9,300 trees in 2019. The Cathay volunteers cleared 620 kg of Minute-a-Mile weed in Toucheng Township, Yilan County, giving Taiwan’s native plants a suitable environment to grow in. These green actions protect our beautiful homeland.

Carbon Reduction Summit Raises Students' Environmental Protection Awareness

Environmental education is an important part of the Ministry of Education's 12-year basic education. It is also a key issue in Cathay Life's Sustainable Campus Project, which worked with social enterprises in the promotion of carbon reduction in life on campus. Students learn how to put themselves in the shoes of others and take responsibility for their decisions by playing the role of leader in game scenarios, which give them a new perspective of carbon reduction issues to better understand the importance of environmental protection. The event was promoted in 19 schools and participants included 725 teachers and students and 93 salespeople.

Promote Green and Carbon Reduction Businesses in Response to World Earth Day

CUB has sponsored National Geographic's World Earth Day Road Run for two consecutive years, and over 20,000 people participated in the event this year to contribute to environmental protection. CUB is the exclusive sponsor of the program "Hostile Planet" in hopes that citizens will take climate change more seriously. The program shows how wild animals face severe challenges and dilemmas for survival, and reached 139,912 people through Facebook. The 2020 project continued to sponsor the event, and integrated the promotion of CUB's green and carbon reduction businesses, inviting the public to exert influence through action.

CUB Chairman leads colleagues in the World Earth Day Road Run.


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