Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee, which is composed of three Independent Directors, assists the Board of Directors to enhance corporate governance effects and ensure a sound remuneration system for the Board members, and executive officers of the Company. The Remuneration Committee is responsible for:

  1. Promulgating and periodically reviewing the policy, system, standard and composition of Directors and executive officer's evaluation and remuneration;

  2. Promulgating and periodically evaluating Directors and executive officer's remuneration.

  3. Board of Directors pointed out the other matters that need to be handled by the committee.

Regular meetings of the Committee shall be held at least twice a year. The Remuneration Committee is entitled to appoint outside legal counsels, certificated public accountants or other related parties to attend a meeting of the Committee and provide information.

Mr. Feng-Chiang Miau is the Convener and Chairman of 4rd Remuneration Committee.

Title Name Main Education Main Experience
Independent Director
(Chairman of
Remuneration Committee)
Feng-Chiang Miau M.B.A., Santa Clara University, USA
Electrical Engineering BA, UC Berkeley, USA
  • Chairman, MiTAC Holdings Corporation
  • Independent Director
    (Member of
    Remuneration Committee)
    Edward Yung Do Way MBA of University of Georgia, USA
  • Chairman, YCSY Co., Ltd.
  • Former CEO, Deloitte Taiwan
  • Independent Director
    (Member of
    Remuneration Committee)
    Tang-Chieh Wu Master of National Chengchi University(Dept. of Public Finance)
  • Secretary-General, Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable
  • Former Chairman, Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.、Hua Nan Bank、Land Bank of Taiwan
  • Former Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance
  • Former Vice Chairman, Financial Supervisory Commission Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Former Director-General, Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Please refer to the Annual Reports of Cathay Financial Holdings or to the "Market Observation Post System" at for listing of the committee's meeting and the attendance of each member. Company code: 2882) inquiries.