International Initiatives

Following the Principle of Responsible Investment (PRI), Cathay Financial Holdings actively participates in various investor initiatives and discussions, and hopes to promote the low-carbon transformation of the investee through alliances with other institutional investors. Meanwhile, let the world see Taiwan company’s efforts in combating climate change.


Actively participate in CDP

Cathay FHC continues to keep abreast with international trends in sustainable development and became a CDP signatory in 2012. Cathay FHC went on to sign the CDP Water Disclosure Program Forest Footprint Disclosure Program Commit to responsible corporate engagement in climate policy and Commit to implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures. Also, Cathay was the only institutional investor in Taiwan participating in the CDP Non-discloser Engagement campaign in 2017. Cathay invited other international investors engaging with the non-responding companies to respond CDP questionnaires. 19%of the companies have responded to CDP questionnaire in 2017. The response rate is higher than 11% of CDP overall response rate. Development guidelines correspond to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) presented the problems which faced by countries in the world , and have planned 17 sustainable development goals and 169 indicators based on active practice of equality and human rights. SDGs will be the guiding principles of cross-border cooperation among member countries in the next 15 years. Cathay FHC also bases on the core business of the financial industry, analyzes of the status quo in Taiwan and SDGs, and selects four major issues as the direction that we will create long-term value. Among them, renewable energy and infrastructure issues cover SDGs in Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Climate Action.

Cathay Earth-Hour

We participated in Earth-Hour, an event organized by the WWF, in response to energy conservation and carbon reduction initiatives, and have influenced even more people through social media by encouraging public engagement in carbon reduction measures. Statistics of Taiwan Power Company show that power consumption around Taiwan decreased by 100,000 kWh that day.



Story Trees Spread Out Greenness in Community

Cathay FHC persists in being "The Tree" in Taiwan, so we promote tree-planting and ecological protection activities in the community actively, making the green community surrounding every corner of Taiwan. In 2017, the foundation kept its endeavor and mobilized ts volunteers to participate in tree planting events in Nantou, Yilan, and Taipei City. Taiwan’s forest is facing the invasion of an alien plant Mikania micrantha, nicknamed “green cancer”. Luodong forest District Office held a green cancer prevention and removal event in Yilan County. More than 80 volunteers from Cathay’s Jiaoxi Sub-team joined the event and removed green cancer of 1,720 kilograms together with the locals, helping restore an optimal growing environment for the Taiwanese native plants. In December 2017, Cathay sponsored Taiwan Native Plant Society to hold the 2017 Tree-planting Fiesta in Wenshan District, Taipei City.



Waste Free and Plastic Free Initiative

Cathay began the bottled water decommissioning program in 2017, and joined the “Waste Free and Plastic Free Initiative” initiative held by the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation (TOAF) and the Taipei City Government in 2018, inviting everyone to reduce the use of disposable plastic products to create a sustainable culture that is good for protecting ocean.

Forest Debate

Forest accounts for about 60% of the land in Taiwan.In 2015, Cathay, upholding the idea of protecting ecosystem in Taiwan, sponsored Environmental Quality Protection Foundation, and Chinese Forestry Association hosted a Taiwan Forest Debate Competition that targets teachers and students of universities and colleges. During the competition, participants thought upon domestic and global issues on forest and worked together toward maintaining Taiwan’s unique forest ecosystem.


Taiwan Power Shift: Climate Action Training Camp

By influencing participants through a variety of activities, we hope that participants would take follow up actions, spreading their influence to communities and schools across Taiwan. Two training camps were held in Taipei and Kaohsiung respectively in 2015. A total of 140 people from four countries had participated, and over 10 environmental groups were invited so that participants were capable of creating more influential actions.


Cathay Securities Sponsor Fly, Kite Fly

Cathay’s long-term support of Taiwan’s local documentaries is built on its care for the community and people. Following the production of Sock’n Roll and Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above, a movie event for 2,000 people was held in 2015, wherein employees and customers were invited to view an ecological documentary, Fly, Kite Fly, which explores the reason for the extinct ion of black kites(eagles) in Taiwan. Furthermore, we will cooperate with the production team of Fly Kite Fly and Raptor Research Group of Taiwan to initiate a 30-session Action Movie Theater program in elementary schools in remote areas that are the primary habitat of eagles in Taiwan . The program poses significant educational meaning and is expected to increase people’s awareness on coexistence between human and nature.


Cultivating environment seed lecturer

Cathay invited external environment lecturers to hold speech on related topics. In this way Cathay’s employees could understand how to take actions on maintenance and preservation of historical buildings. At the same time cultivating the ideas of co-prosper with the environment. After speech, participants acted as seed lecturers and shared the content with others in their own Dept.


Tree planting plan of Cathay FHC - "one person one tree. Yes, I can do"

Cathay FHC persists in being "The Tree" in Taiwan, so we link environment issues to our products, services and operations. We also promote tree-planting activities in the community actively, making the green community surrounding every corner of Taiwan. In 2012, 10 tree-planting activities that 1849 people participated in were organized, and 10865 trees were planted. In addition, Cathay FHC also joined the "one movement" initiative launched by the Association for Sustainable Development of the People's Republic of China in April 2012, in response to the "one person one tree. Yes, I can do" tree-planting initiatives. The act gathers more collective power, and to make an effort for our land.


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