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Happiness is Giving Happiness

While Cathay FHC forges an even deeper presence in Taiwan, it is also looking towards the future. Besides doing everything in our power to help customers accumulate tangible wealth, we will also fulfill our duty as a corporate citizen in hopes of bringing spiritual wealth to society and enriching the lives of every single person. We bravely shouldered the responsibility of bringing up a generation of good citizens and sowed the seeds of happiness in Taiwan, letting every seed sprout and nurturing it with care so that they will grow strong and tall, bringing a positive effect on society.

Cathay FHC established the four focus areas of its public welfare policy in 2016, which include Inclusive Care, Sporting Activities, Arts and Culture, and Environmental Considerations.


Link to the Competencies of the Financial Industry

We take into consideration different aspects of society's needs, and formulate different public welfare projects to link the core competencies of the financial industry to social issues. In doing so we hope to establish the value of sharing and happiness. We use "MyRewards App," "2017 Academic Year Student Group Insurance," "loss prevention," "charitable trust, " and " financial education " to satisfy society's needs.



Volunteer Services – Volunteers Wearing Cathay's Yellow Vests Go Wherever They are Needed

Cathay’s volunteer network extends all around Taiwan and reaches deep into communities, providing assistance and care to the disadvantaged. We believe that in order to make society better, we cannot rely on any single person but must rather focus on bringing out the value in every person at their posts. Cathay FHC and its subsidiaries implemented the “Cathay Good Star Project – Special Leave for Volunteers” starting in 2018, providing employees with one day of paid special leave each year to serve as volunteers, encouraging employees to serve local communities. The cumulative number of volunteer hours reached 59,811 in 2018, up 14% compared with 2017. We organize the “Cathay Volunteer Recognition Ceremony” each year to recognize and show gratitude to Cathay volunteers for their contribution.

A story of a trader building a volunteer team


Key Charity Performance in 2018 

Public Welfare Strategy 1- Inclusive Care

Taiwan’s social and economic development has not only been dealing with the challenges of global economic turmoil and special political circumstances over the past few years, but also faces a looming emigration crisis. Besides actively engaging in industrial transformation, it is even more important to create greater momentum for innovation through dialogue. Cathay FHC has closely followed society’s needs for a long period of time, and hopes to build a bridge of communication for the “common good” based on the spirit of “Rediscovering Happiness”, thereby creating greater possibilities for different stakeholders.


Second-generation Immigrant Empowerment “Talent Empowerment Courses”

Cathay FHC began providing education to new and second generation immigrants in 2005, in hopes that cultivating the next generation will create new national power, and also completed SROI (Social Return on Investment) measurements for the Excellence and Happiness Project. We became the first insurance company in Taiwan to receive certification from Social Value International (SROI=3.03). A total of 132 new and second generation immigrant empowerment related courses were offered in 2018 and benefited about 16,000 people.

Following the growth of second generation immigrants, we shifted our attention to the youth in high school and above, and utilized the group's core competencies – financial management and insurance expertise, to offer the “Talent Empowerment Courses” under which courses on three major themes are available: Southeast Asia Talent Development, Risk and Financial Management, and Career Leadership Courses. A series of 9 courses were designed to cultivate youth with an international perspective, the ability to prevent risk, and professional skill enhancement. About 300 people participated in the courses, and students’ overall satisfaction with the courses about 93%.

The cash flow course allowed students to quickly understand the importance of financial management to plans of life


Accident-free Riders Enter Campuses to Put an End to Traffic Accidents

Cathay Century's “Accident-Free Riders” is not only related to the SDGs, the proprietary “Virtual Reality Hazard Perception Test” and app version received an invention patent from the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs; and introduced the assessment of Social Return On Investment (SROI), identified the social influence of the activity, and effectively corrected the traffic safety concepts of students. This attracted the attention of occupational safety units of technology and textile companies, which actively inquired about the contents of the evaluation and further inquired about the possibility organizing the evaluation at their institutions. At present, a total of 67 events have been held in 41 universities with a total of 8,261 participants. The website has received 920,000 visits and its influence has spread from campuses to the private sector.

“Accident-Free Riders,” safeguarding your traffic safety


Most college students ride scooters, so the event “Confession Cam Trailer” featuring “falling in love”, the theme that college students care most about, was organized. A film was produced for the event to remind young riders the importance of riding their scooters slowly. Also, an interesting webpage titled “poem on the path of love” for checking in was launched on the Accident-Free Workshop website, through which concepts of safe driving are demonstrated.

Accident-Free Riders-Confession Cam Trailer


Showing Great Love with a Few Bonus Points Donated on MyRewards App

MyRewards app and ANDREW Foodbank jointly launched the second bonus point donation project in 2018, inviting customers to donate spare bonus points in exchange for daily supplies (such as: rice, flour, etc.). A total of 20.08 million bonus points were donated and exchanged for 3,523 food boxes, providing around 3,000 families with basic food for an entire month.

The event successfully increased the number of times the bonus point exchange function was used, creating a virtuous cycle for business and society to mutually prosper.


Creating a Social Enterprise Ecosystem for Driving Innovation

Social enterprises have the sensitivity required for resolving social issues. Working together with social enterprises in utilizing the core capabilities of both parties creates a better chance of developing innovative collaboration models. As such, we won First Place in Procurements and two Special Awards in the second Buying Power awards held by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Cathay Life and City Wanderer co-organized “Career Diary”, a career experience project that provides the youth with internships, self-exploration, and Q&A with journeymen, relieving their anxiety from job seeking. Over the past 2 years, 525 young people have participated in the project, nearly 90% of participants said that they are willing to try out new fields and that the project changed the way they viewed certain professions. It has also helped young people better understand the finance and insurance industry.

CUB utilized its financial expertise to become the first in the industry to offer preferential loans to social enterprises, and cooperated with Taipei City Government to contribute to the development of social enterprises. Up to the end of 2018, CUB had approved the loan applications of 6 social enterprises.

ShoJio, a public welfare platform, attracts online consumers to make informed purchase decisions of products or services. Our procurements from social enterprises totaled around NT$2.2 million in 2018, and we thus received recognition with the First Place in Procurements in Buying Power organized by the SMEA.

We supported Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance in entering the 2018 Star in Social Innovation Contest to increase Taiwan’s social innovation soft power. Four social enterprises represented Taiwan in international exchanges.



Promoting the Balancing of Education Resources, Encouraging Students to Fulfill their Dreams, and Becoming Strong Pillars of Support for Teachers in Rural Areas

We implemented Dream Come True Program for students and are working with Teach For Taiwan (TFT) in promoting the distribution of education resources to rural areas, inspiring students, teachers, and rural areas, and enhancing Taiwan’s competitiveness.

This is the fifth year of Dream Come True Program, which has provided assistance to 60 elementary schools in rural areas and encouraged 1,491 children to dare to dream, in hopes of resolving the social dilemma of insufficient learning and cultural stimulation for students in rural areas. Themes used at the 16 schools that took part in Dream Come True Program in 2018 include “Technology Education” and “Environmental Protection and Green Energy”, which correspond to the latest global trends; “Sports Events”, featuring the spirit of physical education; “Community Outreach”, which focuses on the needs of their hometown, and the unique theme titled “Special Education”.


After interviews with stakeholders we found that “teachers in rural area” play a key role. Hence, we worked together with TFT to provide rural areas with more complete education resources, and supported 93 teachers in providing innovative teaching methods to 41 schools in Yunlin, Tainan, Pingtung, Hualien, and Nantou, benefiting approximately 2,800 students. We also linked together Dream Come True Program, Elevated Tree Program, financial management and insurance courses, sports safety courses and local volunteers, so that children, teachers and schools under the TFT initiative are able to fulfill even more dreams. TFT also implemented its first talent exchange program with Cathay, and successfully found careers for TFT alumni at various companies under Cathay FHC.

Public Welfare Strategy 2 - Sporting Activities

Health is the foundation and core competitiveness of a country, so we focused on “health promotion” and have made long-term efforts to promote sports and raise the health awareness of Taiwanese citizens. We used the influence of NBA and MLB stars, sponsored ball games, and cultivated future star athletes to promote sports and exercise. We raise anti-drug awareness among students around Taiwan by providing student group insurance coverage, and strive to reduce citizens’ health risks.


Anti-Drug Education Protects the Mental and Physical Health of Future Leaders

Cathay Life brought Han Dong Art, the winner of Cathay Youth Excellence Scholarship, into junior high schools and senior high schools for engaging in anti-drug awareness campaigns. Cathay Life also provided student group insurance coverage to about 3 million high (vocational) school and under (including kindergarten) students around Taiwan in the 2017 academic year, and jointly implemented the “Sustainable Campus Project” together with the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education. The project focuses on four focus areas of sustainability, namely anti-drug education, environmental protection, campus safety, and financial literacy. In the anti-drug education, we invited Apple Theater to organize 24 anti-drug stage shows throughout 15 counties in Taiwan, with a lively way to teach students how drugs may provide and how to refuse. We hope to establish students the concept of how to say no to drugs. Cathay Life and Cathay Charity Foundation furthermore actively campaigned against drug use, and Cathay Charity Foundation was recognized by the Executive Yuan in 2018 for its contribution to preventing drug abuse.

Cathay’s Long-term Commitment Lights Up Taiwan's Star Athletes

Cathay provides new and upcoming players with nourishment for growth, so that every athlete with a dream of success can find a solid foothold. We will organize even more events for interacting with star athletes to pass on the spirit of healthy exercise to the general public. CUB has established the CPBL Player Trust so players can truly enjoy the game.

Public Welfare Strategy 3 - Arts and Culture

We aim to make arts an integral part of daily life based on the concept that “deep cultural roots are necessary for a tree to grow tall and prosper.” We organized the children drawing contest and New Century New Age Arts Exhibition for so aesthetics can become an everyday part of life, and offered the public a variety of channels through which they can participate in the arts, such as large outdoor performances given by Cloud Gate and Cathay United Art Center, hoping to promote Taiwan’s arts and culture by supporting domestic artists.


Charity Painters Participating in the Elevated Tree Program, Bring Art Closer to Life

Cathay United Art Center was established based on the concept that art should be shared, and has over the years held art exhibitions and lectures that are open to the general public. The “Elevated Tree Program – Charity Painters” event was held this year to forge an even stronger connection between public welfare and art. A total of 37 amateur painters donated 141 paintings as gifts for donors to the Elevated Tree Program, encouraging people to take the first step to becoming art collectors. This event increased the amount of scholarships the Elevated Tree Program was able to provide by NT$1 million in the second half of 2018 compared with the first half of 2018, and Cathay United Art Center in 2018 donated a total of NT$10.97 million as tuitions and other school-related miscellaneous fees, benefiting 7,626 students in Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Changhua County, Yunlin County, Chiayi County, Taitung County, and Yilan County.



Cloud Gate Event Series

“Cathay Art Festival – Outdoor Performance of Cloud Gate” is an event that has been held since 1996, and has sowed the seeds of art all over Taiwan through 60 performances in 21 townships over the past 23 years. The cumulative number of viewers has exceeded 2 million, and the outdoor performance has been praised by foreign media as: “the largest outdoor dance event on the face of the Earth.”

We began co-organizing “Cathay Art Festival – Cloud Gate 2 Campus and Community Tour” with Cloud Gate in 2001 to cultivate young choreographers and dancers around Taiwan and allow art education to strike root. The tour has reached communities and campuses around Taiwan for promoting the art of dance, and a total of 180 performances had been given in communities and high school and above campuses as of the end of 2018, initiating young students into the art of dance.

Large Outdoor Performances Regarding the performance of Lin Huai-Min's work “Formosa”, critics in Europe and America said: “’Formosa’ is a love letter written by Lin Huai-Min to his beloved Taiwan.”

Cloud Gate 2 Campus and Community Tour

Public Welfare Strategy 4 - Environmental Considerations

Humanity’s survival is inseparable from the state of the natural environment. Facing the rapid deterioration of Earth’s environment and the impact of climate change, the World Economic Forum listed environmental risks as the most urgent risk of all. As a citizen of Earth, we have developed new approaches to public welfare under our vision for a “sustainable Taiwan, clean homeland”, and are seeking to expand our influence from employees to customers and the general public in hopes of raising their awareness regarding the importance of environmental protection.


Employee Eco-friendly Lunch Boxes x Plastic Reduction in the Environment x Public Welfare

In the face of the issue of waste reduction, the employees voluntarily ordered eco-friendly lunch boxes, and after four months of trial, they found that the results were excellent. We encouraged employees to order lunch boxes, through this approach, we achieved both “mutual prosperity in society” and “employee care”. We selected “Sweetheart Sheltered Workshop”, which is operated by an organization for people with intellectual disabilities, as the supplier of lunch boxes, helping people with intellectual disabilities develop an employability skill that will allow them to maintain their basic livelihood. For each eco-friendly lunch box ordered by our employees, we allocate NT$10 to purchase rice from farmers in Yilan that using alternative farming methods, and then provide this better quality rice to “Sweetheart Sheltered Workshop” to make the lunch boxes eaten by our employees. As of the end of 2018, our employees ordered a total of 25,048 lunch boxes and we allocated NT$165,010 to purchase rice, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all three parties.

Planting Young Plant, Inspiring Students with Environmental Protection Awareness

Cathay worked with local communities and NPOs in participating a total of 5 tree-planting events in Yunlin, Nantou, Chiayi, Tainan and Yilan, at which locations participants including Cathay volunteers, policyholders and community residents rallied to plant a total of 13,100 saplings. This testifies to the commitment to environmental conservation that has been inspired and continues to grow in the hearts of all Cathay volunteers. Cathay Life put efforts on enhancing students’ awareness of climate change and environmental issues. Our volunteers worked with the Society of Wilderness in organizing lectures in coordination with the game app jointly developed with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The 14 lectures with 615 teachers and students participated.

Planting trees for environmental conservation, Cathay volunteers carefully pat the earth where saplings have been planted


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