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About Us

Founded in April 2003, Cathay Venture Inc. (“Cathay Venture”) is a subsidiary of Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (“Cathay FHC”). We are a venture capital that focuses on investing in companies with growth potential and we are committed to work with our portfolio companies to help them realize their highest potential.

Cathay FHC (TSE:2882) is the holding company of the largest financial services group in Taiwan (“Cathay Group”). It is also a full-service financial institution with businesses in insurance, securities and banking. Through a comprehensive sales network comprising over 700 branches and 20,000 sales representatives combined with a robust cross-selling strategy, Cathay FHC has built a financial services network that provides more than 10 million customers with a one-stop shop for all of their financial service needs.

Cathay Venture is an Evergreen Fund with a flexible investment mandate that allows us to invest in seed, growth and/or late stage companies.

Cathay Venture has invested in about 300 companies to date. With extensive experiences in investing and working with private companies, Cathay Venture seeks to add value to its portfolio firms through a collaborative approach, provides assistance in the management and operations of the portfolio companies and, where appropriate, connects the portfolio companies to the wider resources and network of the Cathay Group. Cathay is able to offer rich marketing resources, distribution channels, customers and data that could assist in refining/improving the features of the offerings of our investment partners.

Investment Focus

  1. Fintech:
  2. Biotech:
  3. Taiwan’s 5+2 industries:
  4. Overseas:

  • We invest in teams and companies that are devoted to the development of technology or business models that can be used or applied to provide innovative financial services and/or products.
  • We are particularly interested in the following areas:
    • Data analytics technologies and data driven business models
    • Payment platforms and technologies
    • UI/UX and unique customer engagement models
    • Cyber Security
    • Banking process optimization(supply chain financing, exchange technology and/or wealth management)
    • Risk management

  • With a policy focus on healthcare and the issues associated with the aging population, we will continue to expand our investments in Biotechnology, focusing on:
    • Pharmaceutical: We invest in first-in-class, biosimilar and generic drugs from pre-clinical to phase 2. To reduce the risks in the development phase, we prioritize the evaluation of firms with products that qualifies for expedited approval process or orphan drugs. We specifically interested in drug developments in new drugs and/or cure for immuno-therapy, cancer-therapy, diabetes, mellitus, Alzheimer disease and rare-disease.
    • Medical Devices and Equipment: We look for high-end class I/II medical devices and/or equipment that have achieved prototype, clinical proof-of-concept stage or early-commercial phase with their target market in global.
    • Trends: We also invest in the areas of precision medicine, genes therapy and protein new drugs.

3.Taiwan’s 5+2 industries:
  • As Taiwan’s government specifies 5+2 pillar industries to help upgrade, we search for Taiwanese firms with growth potential amid the following fields: the internet of things, smart machinery, circular economy and supply chain of key electronic components.

  • We are looking for domestic or offshore companies that are interested in expanding in the auto parts, education, medical and consumer markets in China and any other business opportunities connected to, or arising out of, the two-child policy.
  • We focus on companies who are interested in the ASEAN markets with a focus on consumer spending, export, and firms with products/services that utilize local resources.
  • Through our collaboration with global investors, we will look at other overseas investment opportunities referred by our strategic partners around the world.

Investment Deals

  • Biotech
  • Senhwa Biosciences Tanvex BioPharma Cathay Healthcare Management
    Beauty Essentials International TOT Biopharm Andros
    SSC Holdco Limited Vizionfocus Inc. aetherAI
    BioGend Therapeutics

  • Electronics and Software
  • WinWay KKDAY EasyCard Investment Holding
    Winking Entertainment 91APP Wendell Industries
    Weblink International Inc Huang Chieh Metal

  • Consumer
  • Fulgent Sun Taisun Kayee Group

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Brighton-Best Nanpao Shane Global Holding
    Yonggu Group Fusheng Precision Evergreen Steel Corp.

  • Automobile and Motorcycle
  • Hiroca GLOBALTEK World Known Mfg.

  • Green
  • Sinogreenergy Mega Union GreenWay Energy
    Transcene Corp.

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